sydney moyer social media mozilla

On my last day at Mozilla

sydney moyer social media mozilla
As many of you may know already, I’m sad to call today my last day at Mozilla. I have accepted a position with this really cool microfinance nonprofit called Accion, and am quite excited, but immeasurably sad to be leaving the Mofo family.
I’m absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude that I’ve gotten the chance to work with the incredible people that populate the Mozilla Foundation– it has without a doubt been the best work experience of my career, and I’ll carry the inspiration that this team has given me forever.

Before I leave, I’d like to offer a few parting notes for the greater Mozilla community:
  • Encyclopedia Bestpractica— an information repository about all things MoFo and comms that includes information about each project— needs your love! As a resource that’s there to give Mozillians all the information they need about our work to communicate it effectively, it needs to have the most accurate and useful information possible to function. If there’s something there that needs updating, editing, or a new section of its own, reach out to the Foundation Engagement team, and they’ll help figure out how to turn this doc into the most helpful thing it can be.
  • Speaking of Twitter, here’s some documentation of my process handling the social media accounts for Mozilla over the past few months- let it act as guidance for all those that come next! I’m happy to say that during my time here, @Mozilla jumped from 11.4K followers in January to almost 40K. We also gained 30K more followers on the Mozilla Facebook account (up to about 83,000 from 54,000)! Here’s hoping that a few thousand of those are or will be helping us get to 10K contributors this year.
  • Sadly, I’ll no longer be sending out the Daily Digest emails. If someone would like to take up that cause now or down the line, feel free to get in touch! And in the meantime, here’s the blog archive:

That’s about all I have for now! Once more, thanks to every Mozillian whom I’ve met on this journey. It has truly been a joy. As Potch would say, keep on rockin’ the free web! It needs all of us now more than ever.

– s


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