The next iteration of the Daily Digest

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TL;DR: You can now read the Mozilla Daily Digest emails I send on this blog.

Recently, I’ve been circulating daily emails to all of the MoFo staff with news about each project team, press clips on the Mozilla Project as a whole, and interesting articles from the worlds of open source, technology, digital literacy, and more. I think they’re helpful for a number of reasons: 1) they keep everyone updated on what’s going on at Mozilla outside of their own projects, and 2) they help us to momentarily remove ourselves from the lexicon of the Mozilla-verse and put our ears to the ground to listen to what’s happening in our “space,” so to speak.

A couple people have requested that the digests be made available outside of their inboxes, so today, I put together a log of all of the digests so far, and will be updating it regularly with each day’s fresh content. Check it out and follow along here.

I’d love for this project to keep evolving– I think we can explore some options to make this an even more useful tool in the future. Part of what has helped it iterate up to the point  we’re at today has been super useful feedback from Mozillians, so I’d love to keep that going! Feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas in the comment box, or ping me directly if you want to chat about the Daily Digest or life in general.

– Sydney

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